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Reverse Nespresso Board in UK 2023


Reversed set up the first edition in 2023 of the Reversed Nespresso Board in UK. This edition of the Reversed Nespresso Board aims to allow students to propose concept ideas for a physical space that reflects Nespresso’s values and ambitions. Through exchange and work sessions, students and top management co-created this space together. The program lasted 1 month and was made up of various online and in-person sessions. Students participated in teams and 2 stages were conducted to make both the project evolve and the students.The final teams presented their concept in front of the top management of Nespresso.


Reversed took charge of the entire project, from conception to final results, including setting up and maintaining relations with Loughborough University, communicating with students, selecting, coordinate and facilitation of all the sessions, setting up the online collaboration platform, managing the employees involved as mentors and managing and organising the closing session, which took place in London.

Key components

  • one-month programme
  • 2-months communication period
  • set up partnership with external university
  • 24 students selected, and 10 teams
  • 8-9 people to align on the client’s side including CEO, CHRO and other senior management.
  • Strategic programme for the company
  • Reports & key insights

Our Experts

Maxime Dumont

Emmanuelle Schaller
Programme coordination
Frédérique Lamon
Programme Head

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