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Keep it simple, Make it happen


The programme featured four stylized workshops addressing key aspects of developing a compelling project idea, adding value, making it tangible, and organizing for effective execution. In the latter part of the day, participants were introduced to various practical tools like Waalaxy, Phantombuster, and Sales Navigator to further their projects, with guidance from coaches and a motivational talk by a passionate entrepreneur.


Maxime from Reversed supported the day by putting his network into action, designing and running some of the sessions as well as contributing to the pitch and feedback sessions.

Key components

  • Owned programme by Association Keep it simple, make it happen and supported by philanthropic foundation

  • 25 participants and strong focus on the storytelling and entrepreneurship mindset

  • Partnership with Innovation Time Students Association

Our Experts

Maxime Dumont

Emmanuelle Schaller
Programme coordination
Frédérique Lamon
Programme Head

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