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Run Your Own Challenge

Empowering brands, companies, universities, personalities and non-for profit associations in catalysing energy in a meaningful way.

Why design your own challenge/incubator program ?

Support your vision & mission

Support your vision & mission

add a purpose-related opportunity into your portfolio and demonstrate your commitment.

Drive innovation

Drive innovation

harness the collective ingenuity.

Inspire, Grow, Connect

Inspire, Grow, Connect

helps in connecting with ignite innovative ideas, foster business development, and facilitate networking youth and brillants people in a meaningful way.

Engage your community

Engage Your Community

consolidate ties with your internal or external community in a unique way that’s aligned with your values.

Upskill & Stimulate Entrepreneurial Mindset

Upskill & Stimulate Entrepreneurial Mindset

empower participants in the development of new skills to become better leaders.

Expose & Educate

Expose & Educate

can help disseminate the message of your organization, brand, partners, and sponsors.

We meticulously craft, execute, and oversee programs that are at the forefront of innovation and human development, ensuring a robust blend of progressive ideas and personal growth.

Participants for your own challenge/incubator


Engage young people, such as students or recent graduates, to bring fresh, forward-thinking ideas and a new generation perspective.


Involving clients can provide valuable real-world insights and foster deeper business relationships, leading to co-created solutions.


Empower your employees to innovate and create new projects, fostering a culture of creativity and growth within your organization.


your own challenge solution

Choose at what steps do you need our support and customize your experience with a program tailored to meet your needs.

  • Overall Concept Design

    Aligning the objectives, performance indicators, timing and scope
    • Designing, conceptualising and planning the entire journey online, in-person and off-program
  • Communication & Selection

    Holistic targeting and in-person touchpoints
    • Communicating and sourcing target participants or projects
    • Selecting the participants, projects or ideas
    • Creating the communicational content for the entire journey in line with your brand identity
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    We Coordinate and engage with all stakeholders
    • Identification, selection and coordination of all stakeholders such as coachs, facilitators, experts and mentors.
    • Handling the participants relations management via our online customised solutions
    • Organising and coordinating the logistical elements of all aspects of the sessions and meetings
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    Sessions And Content
    • Deliver and facilitate all sessions Design, create, and evolve all pedagogical content and support material

Your own program/incubator can take many different forms and need to be designed with the business or organisation’s objectives. We define it with the following components; 

  • A beginning and an end
  • A process of progress
  • A link between participants and objectives
  • People involved, such as trainers, coaches, mentors or experts
  • Online and/or offline sessions
  • Available online pedagogical resources 
  • A strong community dimension
  • An incentive to join it – An actionable output / a measurable impact

Discuss your objectives and let’s see if it makes sense to Set up your Own Challenge/ Incubator Now. 

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