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Set Up Your Reverse Board

Empowering C-levels to meet tomorrow’s customers, make informed decisions and build future ready company.

What is a Reverse Board ?

The Reverse Board is a month-long program where carefully selected and trained students work on suggesting and developing innovative ideas and concepts. With a keen focus on questioning and adapting various aspects of your business. The ultimate goal is to foster meaningful co-creation sessions with your company’s senior management, ensuring a profound and impactful collaboration.

Why set up a reverse board / shadow board?

decision making

Enhanced Decision-Making

helps in making well-informed decisions to be taken today.


Innovation Catalyst & Entrepreneurial Mindset

generates practical ideas that can be swiftly implemented to overcome challenges and seize new opportunities.

Future-Proof Customer-Centricity

Future-Proof Customer-Centricity

anticipates the evolving needs and expectations of tomorrow’s customers.

Driving Continuous Improvement

Driving Continuous Improvement

makes sure to challenge conventional thinking and bring dissenting views to the table to accelerates continuous improvement.

Building Trust and Credibility

Building Trust and Credibility

sends a powerful signal to external stakeholders and builds up your credibility.

Elevating Your Employer Brand

Elevating Your Employer Brand and Attracting Top Talent

enables your company to identify and attract top talents who are deeply aligned with your brand and poised to join your organization.

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No matter where you are in your innovation journey, we’ll help you create human and business value for your leaders, employees and ultimately, your customers.

The ingredients for success

Reverse Board programs combine online and in-person sessions with regular deliverables and are guided by facilitators.


    Communication & selection

    A Special Access to Exceptional Individuals
    Our experience has shown us that the communication and selection phase is crucial to the success of Reverse Boards, which is why we create partnerships with renowned universities while approaching students through an holistic targeting.
  • Reversed board

    Onboarding phase

    Enhancing Students’ Knowledge and Skills | Safe Space Creation
    This first phase is critical to Improve students’ knowledge of the company and the topic(s) and to enable students get to know each other and to create a safe space for proactively sharing authentic views through the entire Reverse Board journey.
  • Reverse


    Depending On Your Objectives, The Focus Can Be Different


    A programme in the form of separate sessions covering a number of topics specific to your company to generate new perspectives and insights during each session.


    A programme designed to address a specific issue or initiative in the pipeline. The aim will be for students to develop solutions that are unique and above all in line with their own values.

  • Reversed board


    The Finish Line

    A moment to bring the programme to a close, present the main results, co-create, reward the students and conclude by defining the next steps.

REVERSE | Tailored options

Adjust the program based on your company size, length and budget

Employee journey 🥳

Activation stream to involve your company’s employees through the journey to practice leadership posture through feedback and active listening.

Reverse CEO week 😇

A week during which 2-3 brilliant students shadow the senior management and key employees in their day to day work to continue the interaction.

Your toolkit 🧰

Select this option for full autonomy in setting up your Reverse Board. Our team provides all essential resources for production and personalization to suit your requirements such as templates presentations, timeline, guide for facilitators, assets to communicate.


your solution

What you buy

We’ll design, plan, produce, coordinate, and deliver the next following phases:

  • Awareness & holistic targeting
  • Selection of the participants
  • Coordination of the Reversed Board Journey & participants
  • Facilitation of the sessions
  • Consolidation of the key findings

It requires

  • 5 open-minded senior management for around 4-5 hours during a month
  • 10 to 15 hours on internal alignment to ensure a smooth roll-out of the Reverse Board (including alignment with the Reversed team, date alignment, internal promotion and various adjustments).